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    Keith Flores, an expert sales driver, and accomplished brand builder, focusing on the In-Home Service Industry. Flores has a passion for sales and a competitive, motivated nature that drives his success. He’s managed, built, and developed many companies from start-ups to $1BIL+ operations. Keith is a natural leader who can transform any company or any employee into the best version of themselves. His firm belief in hard-work and consistency shines through in his work ethic, he leads by example, believing it’s the only way to achieve massive success. He structures all companies for max profitability by analyzing every aspect of a business. “If you want to be successful cutting corners is not an option.” Flores thrives off energy, your business thrives off energy, “revive your culture and you will revive your business.” He doesn’t have any secrets, but he does believe experience trumps knowledge every single time. “You must put in the work; you have to earn respect and you have to earn your right to be a dominating business in this industry.” 

     Flores originates from Dixon, California where he started in this industry at 12 years old helping his brother in-law, Matt on the weekends.  His first job he worked a full day running duct work under a house and thought it was so cool then that Sunday he was paid $200, and he couldn’t believe it, he was hooked.  His family owned a large RNC company back then and Keith would take any free time to work after school, weekends, summers any chance he got.  He started as a shop kid and worked his way up. He can truly say he has worked in every aspect of this industry. While working for his family he was recruited from a guy named Lou, he told him he could make six figures as an installer, so Keith told all his friends and family in the industry, and they said he was nuts and that is impossible. Flores took opportunity from Lou and went on his way, never looking back. That was the turning point, the start of his growth and massive success. He now owns HG Home Services, with a mission to build a legacy. He’s not interested in the short-term game to build fast and sell, he puts his heart and soul into these companies.  This industry has given him so much and he is willing to give back and help others learn from his mistakes and successes.

     Today, Keith is the President and Founder of HG Home Services. Here, he continues his expertise as a Brand Builder with plans to expand and develop.

     Prior to HG, Keith’s notable success started when he opened his first company, National Heating and Cooling, which he took from $0-$4.5MIL in less than a year. The rapid growth sparked the interest of a well known Home Service Empire who offered him top dollar for the company and a key role in the development and expansion of their company, and with the expertise of Keith, this company became a $1BIL+ National Home Service Company. Following his time with this company, Flores has consulted countless service companies alike leading in the overall growth of the industry. Most recently he took one company from $600k in top line revenue to $10MIL+ in one year. He continues to be an asset to the industry and a force to be reckoned with. “Get up, dress up, show up and NEVER GIVE UP.”

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